Kommol tata (コモール タタ)

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060620 119.jpgビキニ(チョコアイス、ワッフル、クッキークランチ、ナッツ、チョコソース)、450円。
Bikini – chocolate ice-cream, waffle, cookie crunch, nuts, chocolate sauce. A new coldstone ice-cream shop where they chop and mix the ingredients on a cold marble stone. It is not bad, but not sure the show of chopping and mixing does anything to the taste…

6 thoughts on “Kommol tata (コモール タタ)

  1. I always wonder about that too…there’s a chain here call Coldstone, they always ‘smells’ good from outside, but when you actually had the icecream it was rather standard and not at all special tasting.

  2. Wonder where the nice smell comes from, can’t be the ice-cream, right?

  3. ワッフル焼いてる匂いじゃない??

  4. 六本木のコールドストーンズはワッフルの匂いすごくしたね。

  5. The ice-cream would be more soft and easier to eat!? And the mix stuffs is mixed well, so not just on the top?! ^^;; in that case the chopping and mixing ice-cream make sense to me.

  6. Sure sure. ^^;;; But then the ingredients must be ones that taste better when chopped and mixed on spot, like fresh fruits, cookies, sponge cakes, brownie etc. The one I had probably doesn’t taste much different whether it is readily mixed or mixed on spot. ^^;;;

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