Restaurant Momo (レストラン モモ)

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A eat-with-chopstick Japanese-French fusion restaurant, where most of the customers are old ladies probably living nearby. We tried the 10 course dinner, 5500yen. Full written menu was not availbale and my memory is failing me so…just what I can still remember.
1: Fish(forgot what) with radish(I think).
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2. Clockwise from top left: some fish rillette, marinated scallop, wasabi mousse, chicken liver, salmon, grilled butter turban shell.
3. Grilled scallop.
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4. Cold white asparagus soup(I think…).
5. Petit foie gras rice bowl with brown rice. Was very happy when it came out but the foie gras was just so-so.
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6. Onion flan. At first I thought: soup again? But it is like chawanmushi, nice but a bit salty and quite chinese-tasting. Wanted rice from here.
7. Sea bass, again quite salty, would be nice with rice.
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060620 043.jpg8. Fruit tomato salad. Salad came out on the 8th course….the tomato was very sweet. Didn’t want rice anymore.
9. Roasted duck, sauce tasted like soy sauce. The aubergine roll with ratatouille at the back was cute.
10. Pear tart, melon sorbet, creme brulee, so-so.
Restaurant Momo

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Momo (レストラン モモ)

  1. The onion flan sounds so interesting! :DDDD
    Everything is in this tiny little square shape, so cute~ It would be more impressive if they came in kappo style, and form a big set at the end ^^;;

  2. Oh I don’t like everything comes at the same time in a big set, cos you want to eat cold things first as appetizer, but the hot things will get cold if you leave them for later….^^;;;;;

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