Toshi Yoroizuka

060628 034.jpgPeach compote, with honey ice-cream and blueberry sauce. This is heaven(*o*). The peach was simmered in red wine, bottom layer was peach ice-cream with a mousse texture, even the cookie was delicious.
The chef went on a TV competition show and he made the luxurious version of this but he lost to the other guy…quite a surprise cos I thought this one was definitely higher standard. Anyway, due to his increasing publicity, his tiny dessert eat-in space always has a long waiting line which kinda puts me off. Luckily my friend, who is a BIG fan of this place, didn’t mind going with me so we went there after lunch. Both of us were expecting a line and prepared to wait, but there was no one waiting!! So happy!! Happier than winning a lottery!! (^^;;) Even happier still, after we enjoyed our desserts rather speechlessly, the chef himself came out and gave us free cherries!! He even talked with us for a while and he told us that he was going on another TV program where he will have to make a jumbo-size souffle in a camp and he is going to pick the berries from a field himself(^^;;).

060628 048.jpg060628 050.jpg
Toshi Mandel Krone. An almond cream pie to take away, so delicious as well!
Toshi Yoroizuka

8 thoughts on “Toshi Yoroizuka

  1. 私が買った小さな焼き菓子たちもやっぱり美味しかったよ!!

  2. やっこさんのブログの前の記事を後で見たよ。

  3. ピティビエの中身も同じアーモンドクリームで

  4. Oh oh I definitely remember those past entries and they’re all so impressive. From the thumbnails it looks like bull horns~ 😀 The peach sounds absolutely stunning!

    That’s one great publicity for showing on TV, even though you’re not the winner.

  5. The bull horn is made of cookie. ^^;;; The chef looked shocked and sad for losing the competition though…poor…

  6. 予告どおりまた行ってきて、フォンダンショコラ食べちゃった

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