Nemurian (眠庵@神田須田町)

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060823 022.jpg二種もり、1160円。牛肉と大根のバーボン煮、580円。
Bourbon-simmered beef and radish. The beef is a bit rough, but the radish is good. I ordered the half-half soba set with two kinds of soba, and they came separately. They look the same in pictures though, actually taste similar too…the second one only a bit thicker than the first one. The place is a bit difficult to find as the narrow entrance is easy to miss. Very small place, with only three tables and a few counter seats. There is air-coniditioning but still quite hot inside…The two ojisan sitting next to me were hotly discussing high school baseball and saying the pitcher of this year’s winning school is too cute and too thin/short/small-bone to really become a professional pitcher…haha…^^;;

8 thoughts on “Nemurian (眠庵@神田須田町)

  1. wow that highschool pitcher really became national idol~ ^^;;; Other than reading about it or people’s recommendation, how do people randomly discover places like this. ^^;;

  2. His nickname is prince handkerchief apparently…^^;;
    Rumour spreads fast…especially about food. This soba shop doesn’t even put a board or sign outside…definitely impossible to find at night.

  3. 2種盛りって田舎とせいろ?

  4. 産地が違う2種のそばだったが、

  5. wait what about that highschool pitcher, is he a recently media sensation of some sort?

  6. Yeah haha, this year’s highschool baseball(kousien) was very sensational and exhaustively exploited by the media cos both team were strong and there was a rematch for the final(apparently that hasn’t happened for a few decades) and lots of drama that the media can flash spotlight on….also the pitcher of the winning team is cute and has become a national idol/hero. ^^;; The school that lost this time has already won twice in kousien before apparently.

  7. うん、お友達のオススメ。更科みたいだけど~

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