Sucre Sale (スクレ・サレ)

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060909 015.jpg1890円のランチ: 海老とタコのマリネ、自家製豚バラ塩漬け肉のカ リカリ焼き マスタードソース、プルーンタルト。
Marinated prawn and octopus salad. Grilled salted belly pork with mustard sauce. Prune tart. The belly pork was so fatty but very juicy and good. The salad and dessert were fixed for the course and both were a bit boring…This place was supposed to be big portion and cheap but I thought the portion and the price were pretty normal. Also….the waitor is a very scary character!! Bald and not smiling and not very polite…and he was staring at us while we were having our salad which made me so uneasy, especially my friend who had never been to a French restaurant in Japan and she was pretty nervous because of him. Luckily more customers came and filled up the place later and we forgot about him. ^^;;
Sucre Sale

4 thoughts on “Sucre Sale (スクレ・サレ)

  1. ここ、前に言ってた所だよね?

  2. そう、そう、行っちゃった。

  3. Though fatty, that pork looks so mouth-watering ^^;;
    Sounds like the waiter was scary like a stern strick teacher way (trying to catch you making mistake…? ^^:;)

  4. Or I am just so used to the super polite service of japanese restaurants that I don’t forgive rude waitors anymore…but then compare with waitors in HK, that scary waitor is already an angel…. ^^;;;

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