Frédéric Scailteur(フレデリック スケルター@神谷町) CLOSED

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060728 067.jpgFirst visit. Mille-feuille. A chocolate tart with pistachio cream, apricot and raspberry and 62% chocolate ganache cream. Both are so fantastic!! The tart, the pastry, the chocolate, the cream….every component is perfect, and not too sweet overall. Immediately a fan of this place. Got the galette and the financier to take-away, both very good too. My friend who went with me had mango tart which was also great. The only complaint is the interior…feels more like an office than a cake shop.

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Second visit. Mango cream tart on the left, orange and raspberry and coconut cream tart on the right. Both are good! Though the two cakes from first visit were more to my taste. Financier framboise – very rich and heavy in butter(^^;;), good! Speculos – cookies with cinnamon, nutmeg seed, ginger powder and cardamon. Hard and crunchy, spicy and addictive~

5 thoughts on “Frédéric Scailteur(フレデリック スケルター@神谷町) CLOSED

  1. この日はフルーツ系で攻めたのね?

  2. チョコレートのケーキは全部売れきれだったの。

  3. Both tropical ingredients, even the color scheme looked the same! Mouth-watering~~ The cookie look so plain, but the ingredients are actually so unique!

  4. Freda>
    I know they are similar…even have the same raspberries. But there were not many cakes left to choose from and I wanted to try these two the most so…^^;;


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