Ristorante Ikebukuro Bunryu (リストランテ池袋文流)

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051028 030.jpg鶏肉と花豆の煮込みソースのリガトーニ。ロイヤルポークのソテーキノコのマルサラソース。ランチは2100円。
First visit. A bit expensive for the standard – should have just ordered cheap pasta lunch instead of full course…

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小エビのトマトクリームソース ルーコラペースト和えのフジッリ、サラダ、コーヒー付、1000円。
Second visit. Fusilli with shrimps in tomato cream sauce and rucola paste. Last time I made a mistake of ordering the expensive lunch course and expecting higher standard and was disappointed, but this time I knew what to expect and for a 1000yen lunch this place is acceptable.

6 thoughts on “Ristorante Ikebukuro Bunryu (リストランテ池袋文流)

  1. お店の名前が面白いね。

  2. お店の名前みた時、文化交流会館とかの略で

  3. Freda>
    Because this place is so famous…most reviews I’ve read about this place are positive, so just thought I would give it another try…


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