Salut (サリュー)

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Galette with quail and Cepe truffle – my friend’s appetizer. Gosh it is big as a main.
Turban shell and uni, escargot gratin – my choice. The uni is at the bottom, unfortunately too cooked to taste uni at all. The sea snails are a bit oily but very nice.
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Assorted Platinum pork(Braised, confit and sausage) – my friend’s main.
Roasted pate-stuffed guinea fowl, gratin of endives – my choice. The guinea fowl is soft and tender, a bit light, but the liver pate gives it a rich meaty savoury taste. The sauce is slightly salty and the endive gratin a bit watery though.
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Peach compote and almond milk sorbet – my friend’s dessert.
Banana pudding and salt caramel ice-cream – my choice. This dessert is incredible!! The ice-cream is salty, bitter, and caramel sweet all at once! (*o*)!! Banana pudding with fresh banana slices is nice, the brownish jelly is bitter and has alcohol taste, veeeeeeeeery good~~~
With amuse and petits fours, the dinner course is 5250yen. Also ordered a Kir Royal, and a decanter of red wine to share between 2 people, came to 7000yen each. Actually quite a good deal.
Been here for lunc before(see tag). Damn I just realise I had chicken last time…^^;;

5 thoughts on “Salut (サリュー)

  1. プリンの塩キャラメルアイスに激しく反応!!

  2. sea snails? does it taste different from regular snails? The uni probably melted from the bake heat.

    Guinea fowl ? I have to google that, and boy the bird looks so interesting and unique to be ‘edible’ ^^;; how does it taste?

    The salty + bitter + sweet icecream sounded too good~ *O* That’s why I’m addicted to the the icecream that the creative icecream shop nearby my house offer…Bluecheese+ honey + apple…or Bluecheese+ walnut + raisin…*q*!!!

  3. You must have had sea snails before? They have it in chinese restaurants, usually cooked in chinese wine and chilli, you know 「虫累」? Probably not exactly the same but similar lor, hard and need strong sauce to give it flavours.

    I have blogged guinea fowl before(here 1,2,3) but I didn’t know the English name so I used the French name “pintade”…it could also be completely wrong…^^;; It just tastes like chicken, softer meat, probably not game but farm-raised.

    I realise I like cakes/ice-cream that has sweet+salty taste more than just sweet alone.

  4. ah yeah, I’ve had sea snails before~ I didn’t know that it is a… ‘snail” (duh!) haha I asked before about guinea fowl…^^;;

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