Brasserie Gus (ブラッセリー・グー)

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Foie gras terrine. A thin slice but very rich foie gras taste. The salad, especially the asparagus is so good.
Roasted quail stuffed with butter rice. My friends said the rice tasted like pilaf in yoshoku place. ^^;; The quail is tender, the vegetables are plenty and very tasty, the sauce is not too heavy.
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Nougat Glace. Lots of nuts and dried fruits, nice too.
Full course dinner(not including coffee) is only 2980yen, so cheap! Such a feminine restaurant – the staffs and the customers are 100% female. The food is mild and healthy tasting and lots of veggy, yet the portion is not too small. Though the wine-based cocktail I ordered was mainly just plain soda, and the glass wine was not a generous amount….better to order a bottle of wine instead. I have come here for lunch before (see tag) and I had the 2100yen lunch and it was wonderful. Very popular place so must book in advance.
Brasserie Gus

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  1. ahah….I left a msg but it doesn’t appear?!

    anyway…I heard there is a meat restaurant call:FUJI near your place, next time go try try…

    Well, let me think…Aug?! ^^;

  2. haha finally had enough of macho food joint, back to French ^^;;
    I need to look up what’s Nougat, sounds like a healthier and tastier version of candybars.

  3. Freda, I was craving French desperately…^^;;;
    This one is nougat glace, so ice-cream made of nougat, very nice!

    Hey Inoka, FUJI? I did a search but couldn’t find it. And what about Aug??? Stop writing in riddles. ^^;;;; btw, I will be around in Xmas this year, you coming?

  4. I dont know…I watch it on TV…sounds quite good…MATSUSAKA beef…^^;

    oh…so you’ll be Jpn around Xmas? I may go around 27-28…u there?

  5. 楽しいディナーだったようで、何より^^

  6. やっこさん来られなかったのは本当に残念だったよ~

  7. 美味しかったよ!抹茶味が濃い~

  8. いや、違う気がしない??

  9. そうか、、、やっぱり一回並んで買わなきゃ、、、、

  10. おう!!

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