Waffle Cafe ORANG (ワッフルカフェ・オランジ@下北沢)

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061027 158モンブランワッフル、945円。マロンクリームにホワイトチョコとクランベリー、手作りココアクッキー、アーモンドクランチをのせて、カシスソースで仕上げた。チャイ、682円。
Mont Blanc Waffle: marron cream, white chocolate and cranberries, cocoa cookies, almond crunch, and Cassis sauce. Looks a bit of a mess(^^;;) but it is quite nice actually. All those crunchies and cream and sauce made the otherwise ordinary-tasting waffle very luxurious. Surpisingly it is not too sweet too. The chai is good. The one-e-missing name of the shop always puzzles me though.
Waffle Cafe ORANG