La Matière (ラ・マティエール)

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061207 026ヤリイカのブイヤベース風テリーヌ、じゃいが芋とインゲンのサラダ バジルの香り。
Terrine of Spear squid Bouillabaisse, potato and kidney beans salad in basil sauce. Smooth terrine with finely chopped squid that are still very chewy. Quite good!
Panfried baby lamb chop, Provençale style. The meat is very tender and juicy. A bit salty and the Balsamico sauce a bit heavy, but still delicious.
Coconut blanc manger and lychee sorbet. Hmm, the dessert is so-so.
A rather new French restaurant located in kagurazaka – an area crowded with little homely bistros. The price is a bit on the higher end – a 3 three course lunch where you can choose your appetizer and main dish but not the dessert, plus a glass of wine and service charge, came up to about 4000yen. The ambience is sophisticated but welcoming.
Lunch menu: 1, 2.
La Matière