Cote d’Or(コートドール)

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赤ピーマンのムース。 生牡蠣、下仁田葱ソース。
Red bell pepper mousse, with tomato sauce.
Raw oyster with shimonita leek sauce.
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エイのキャベツ添え。 口直し:天然キウイ。
Ray fish with cabbage. Natural kiwi.
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Mandarin orange souffle.
Macarons and chocolate.
Lunch course plus a glass of champagne, 7000yen.

Absolutely lovely food! Every dish looks simple but tastes perfect. Staff are very friendly and sweet. The red bell pepper mousse is a signature dish and I tried to request for it when I phoned to book, but I was told politely that it was not available during winter season. But when we went on the day, red pepper mousse was on Today’s Lunch menu! Apparently they remembered my request and made an exception. Ray fish with cabbage is also another signature dish and even though I didn’t request it, I was happy that it was available too. The food, the service, the ambience are all just so great that the minute I walked out of the restaurant, I already felt like going back again.
Cote d’Or

5 thoughts on “Cote d’Or(コートドール)

  1. やっこさん>

    That is “natural kiwi” according to the waiter. Very sour but good for refreshing your taste before the dessert.

  2. The bell pepper mousse sound so good! *O* I can’t believe the attention they paid to customer’s request, they made that specially for you !!!
    I never seen fresh oysters eaten with thick sauce like that.
    What kind of cuisine is this restaurant?

  3. This is French restaurant yo~. The fish dish does look a little chinese(^^;;). Oh the macarons are very nice too.

    The chef has 10 famous dishes which he published a book about(here). The mousse and the fish I requested are in it. Want to go back and try the rest!!

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