Cucina Siciliana Archimede (アルキメーデ@神泉)

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Dinner at a recently opened Sicilian restaurant, which is about 10 mins walk from Shibuya station. Dinner course is 6000yen.
Liver paste and pork rillette. Cauliflower “soup”(more like paste). Bread is warm and soft.
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10 appetizers to share between 2 people.
Left pic: octopus and salmon and fruit(top left); beef neck meat with herb and almond and cheese; pork and tuna paste; squid and prawn(bottom left); porcini; spicy aubergine.
Right pic: aubergine layered with cheese; maguro(tuna) veggy roll with bell pepper paste.
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手打ちのタリオリーニ ムール貝のラグー シシリア産マグロのからすみ添え。
Left pic: baked mussels; tripe and leek.
Right pic: one pasta from the menu of 4 choices. I picked the homemade tagliolini in ragu of mussel, topped with Sicilian tuna karasumi. The portion is for 2 to share.
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リングイネ 魚介たっぷりのシシリア風ペスカトーレ。
窒息鴨のロースト ちょっと甘めのシシリア産マルサラソース。
House speciality Linguine seafood Pescatora is prefixed. Also for 2.
My main dish from the menu(6 choices) – Roasted duck in sweet Marsala Wine Sauce. This is for 1 person. The madam said the portion for the meat is the biggest from the top of the menu and gets smaller as you go down the list. Mine is right at the bottom and is supposed to be the “smallest”.
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Dessert plate for 1: passion fruit sorbet and pineapple; pistachio roll cake with lemon cream; raspberry Tiramisu; panna Cotta.
For herb tea, you pick the tea leaves and mix it any way you like. I had a bit of everything.
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For 6000yen it is amazing how much food they are giving you. After the appetizers, most people will probably be 80% full already. Even a big eater like me had difficulty finishing the main dish and the dessert. (In fact I couldn’t eat breakfast and lunch the next day…) The very friendly madam told me that there was a customer who got mad about the crazy portion, stormed into the kitchen and shouted at the chef: “How can you expect me to finish all that food?!”. ^^;;; Apparently the chef learned cooking in Sicily for 3 years and the experience of being welcomed with good food that just kept coming and coming even though he could eat no more, made him decide to do the same to his customers. ^^;;; Taste-wise, it is quite good but not exceptional. The nicest is the meat dish – the duck is tender and the sauce is sweet and wonderful. A shame that I was so full by that time that I couldn’t really enjoy it. Linguine is cooked al dente but otherwise the pasta dishes are a bit normal. The madam asked us if we wanted smaller portions for the pasta, but my friend is a big pasta lover so we said no. Hmm, the best solution is probably to request for smaller portions of the dozens of appetizers. Some of them taste rather similar anyway. It is course-only for now but the madam said a la carte menu will be available soon.
Menu(J): 1, 2.

5 thoughts on “Cucina Siciliana Archimede (アルキメーデ@神泉)

  1. My gosh all those appetizer for 2 people…that is crazy portion, not even America is that generous. So much food for only 6000 yen is such a great deal! Does it include wine too?

    that’s funny that someone got mad over it~~ he doesn’t have to eat it all ^^;;

  2. Great story about being welcoming but…there’s reality…^^;;;
    People feel obligate (for not being rude) to finish what’s served…and end up too bloated and out of control…^^;; in a way it’s the chef’s responsibility to control the amount when it comes to courses dinner. But the food looks festive and amazing, would be great to share for 2 people (would they allow?)

  3. Freda>
    Too embarassing to share one course between 2 people…^^;; If they have a la carte, then maybe 1 course plus a dish or two will do.
    If the food is horrible I don’t feel guilty leaving it, but if the food is good, I will feel bad not finishing it~

    Wine is not included, but it is so cheap, about 600yen per glass. Even champagne is like 800yen. This place is only opened last year and still relatively unknown so maybe the crazy portion is just a gimmick? ^^;;

  4. 怒っちゃったお客さんの話、本当に笑える!!

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