d’une rareté (デュヌラルテ)

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060126 096マロン。シャテーニュ。キュブB。シリンドル ブール。
Marron tart. Marron bread. “Cube B”: texture is somewhere between brioche and croissant. A candle shaped croissant. I like the cube and the candle.
d’une rareté

4 thoughts on “d’une rareté (デュヌラルテ)

  1. wowow! The curly one (Marron?) and cube looks very cute. They seem bite size or is it just scale illustion?

  2. The cube and candles are so cute, though a bit ‘pressed’ looking for fluffy croissant ^^:;

  3. ここ、バーがなくなっちゃったんだよね~

  4. やっこさん>

    Yeah the mont blanc looking one is Marron. They are all bite size. ^^;;; The candle croissant is not bad but yeah the normal fluffy airy shape will probably be better~

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