VILAMOURA (ヴィラモウラ)

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Portugese dinner!
Sauteed mushroom and egg with garlic.
Cod and potato croquette.
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Coriander and Parmigiano cheese salad.
Bacalhau and potato cream gratin.
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アサリと豚ロースのソテー アレンテージョ風。
Pickerel and vegetables Escabeche.
Clam and sauteed pork loin meat, Alentejo style.
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Vegetables in Cocotte.
Freshly baked cheese bread – Pão de queijo.
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Duck rice cooked from duck bouillon.
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ヴィラモウラ風魚介のカタプラーナ、(ワタリガ二・アサリ・ヤリイカ・エビ・タコ) トマトスープ。
残ったスープをリゾットに リゾットライス。
Seafood Cataplana(crab, clam, squid, prawn, octopus). Tomato soup based.
Risotto is added into the leftover soup.
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ハーブティー。 ポルトガルプリン。
Herb tea. Pudding.
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060202 041エッグタルト。 チョコレートムース。
Portugese egg tart. Chocolate mousse.

I was not too excited at first about dining in a Portugese restaurant cos the very few times I had Portugese food, they were not very memorable experience. But this place turned out to be much much better than I expected. The food is simple but very delicious. Heavy use of garlic and coriander in almost all the dishes. Cod seems to be a common ingredient. I absolutely love the “fluffy” croquette and duck rice. The pork is a bit hard but the clam and the tomato sauce are very tasty. The Cataplana is a must try. The risotto is slightly salty but very good still. The desserts are not bad but nothing special. 6 of us shared all the food and we had about 2 drinks each(champagne and wine included), came to about 4000yen each – such good value!!

3 thoughts on “VILAMOURA (ヴィラモウラ)

  1. Portugese egg tart! (so it’s not a Chinese-portugese invention? ^^;;) Yeah even though the food are traditional and simple, but I want to eat them all~ especially the gratin and duck rice.

  2. わわわー!! ポルトガルは遠いがココならやや近い!

  3. 湯さん>

    I thought egg tart came from Macau too(^^;;;).
    The duck rice gets sold out very quickly so must order at the beginning. My impression of this meal would not be as good without the duck rice!

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