HIDEMI SUGINO (イデミ スギノ@京橋)

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060213 045Fromage blanc and mascarpone mousse, thin cookie as base, whole apricot and lemon peel inside. Very light and not too sweet but with strong alcohol taste. Very nice!

Apparently this cake shop was introduced in some widely-watched TV show and became super famous. Cakes get sold out by noon cos people start queuing in the morning, even on weekdays. There is a cafe space and if you want to eat there, you also need to go in the morning, either have cakes for breakfast, or reserve your cakes and come back a few hours later. Some cakes are only for take-out and some are only for eat-in. Because of all these hassle, I simply never bothered to go. But one day my friends and I walked past at 3pm, and there were two kinds of cakes left in the showcase. My friend went “Miracle!! Miracle!!”, so even though we already had a full course French lunch, we decided to eat in. We had champagne at lunch already….but we conveniently forgot about that and had champagne again with the cakes. ^^;;;

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Also bought chocolate financier with cherries, and coffee pound cake with marron. Both very good!


0805010015UPDATES! (May 2008)

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1119 038.jpgエベレスト(チーズムースの中に赤いフルーツ)。ラルメ(マロンムース)。
Everest(cheese mousse) and Larme(Marron mousse)


4 thoughts on “HIDEMI SUGINO (イデミ スギノ@京橋)

  1. So luxurious…champagne with cake (what are those two candies?) The cake looks so beautiful~~

  2. The champagne is much cheaper than it would have been in French restaurants, that’s why we decided to order it, instead of coffee and tea which are not that much cheaper anyway. Those candies came with the champagne – some very sweet fruity jelly. btw, The guy in the photo is the patissier chef apparently…oops! ^^;;

  3. 3時に行って残ってるなんて、本当にミラクルだわ!!

  4. 美味しかったけど、

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