Cote d’Or(コートドール)

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冷製 季節の野菜の蒸し煮 コリアンダーの香りをつけて(野菜のエチュベ)。
Red bell pepper mousse, with tomato sauce.
Steamed vegetables with coriander.
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黒トリュフのかき卵 ワインソース。
牛のしっぽの煮込み 赤ワインソース。
Scrambled egg with truffle, red wine sauce.
Braised ox tail in red wine sauce, pumpkin paste.
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北海道白糠産仔羊のロースト ポテトのグラタン。
Roasted lamb with potato gratin.
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青森産赤いリンゴのタルト ダイスケ風。
Mulberry seed sorbet. Apple tart.
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Mandarin orange souffle.

The chef’s 10 famous dishes are:
01 赤ピーマンのムース (Red bell pepper mousse)
02 えいとキャベツ (Ray fish with cabbage)
03 季節の野菜のエチュベ (Steamed vegetables with coriander)
04 トリュフのかき卵 (Scrambled egg with black truffle)
05 牛尾の赤ワイン煮 (Braised ox tail in red wine sauce)
06 仔羊のロースト (Roasted lamb)
07 しそのスープ (Shiso soup)
08 おこぜのポワレ (Pan-fried Stonefish)
09 ソーモンのタルタルモンブラン (Salmon Tartare Mont Blanc )
10 根セロリとリ・ド・ヴォーの煮込み (Celery root and Lamb sweetbreads)
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I have tried 1 and 2 during my first lunch visit(see tag). Came back again with a few friends and tried 3, 4, 5, 6. We basically picked from the a la carte menu, and have them arranged into a lunch course. Not cheap to order from the a la carte, but gosh the “scrambled egg with truffle” is worth everything….you can smell it miles away! So much truffle in it! Every spoon is truffle truffle truffle~~~absolutely heaven! The server said to eat it quick, at the most 5-6 minutes, otherwise the egg will harden. But it was just too mind-blowingly delicious that I was reluctant to finish the last mouthful. ^^;; Everything else is so good. You won’t go wrong in this restaurant. Though as personal preferences, I do like the Ox tail more than the lamb(pictures for the meat courses show half portion only), and I like the souffle included in the lunch course(which is the same as my last visit) more than the apple tart(which we shared) from the al la carte. In terms of value, the 4500yen lunch course is probably better, but exquisite experience comes with a price….my friend said later that she couldn’t help thinking how much each spoon of that truffle was while eating it…^^;;
A la carte menu(J): 1, 2.
Cote d’Or

4 thoughts on “Cote d’Or(コートドール)

  1. トリュフのスクランブルエッグ!!


  2. いや、いや、通常のランチで十分だと思った(^^;;)

  3. I recognize the restaurant name…you seems to go there often. Red bell pepper mousse = yum! Must be sweet~ My god the truffle (you’ve been having that a lot lately ^^;;) scramble egg is too yum. It outshines everything else for me…and can’t even savor it slowly as its best serving has a time limit. ^^;; Does the gratin goes as a side to the lamb (so it’s not as big as it appears on photo? ^^;;;)

    So this is not a set course, but you get to pick from the chef’s top 10 list? And you can mix and match other times?

  4. Too much truffle lately? ^^;; But it has always been something else with truffle sprinkled on top, never this huge amount~

    Yeah the gratin is not that big, it is a side dish to the lamb.

    The a la carte menu here doesn’t change much. The ones from the 10 dishes will be available on the a la carte menu as long as the ingredients are in the right season – like shiso soup is not available now since it is a summer menu, while truffle is only available in winter. They also have a set lunch course, which is cheap but only has 2~3 choices for the main dish. Amuse, appetizer and dessert are all fixed. But you can order the lunch course, and for example replace the appetizer with the truffle and egg, but with an extra charge of course.

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