Tateru Yoshino Shiba Park Hotel (タテル ヨシノ)

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3675yen lunch course. This place is inside a hotel. At first I thought it was a modern hotel, but turned out it was a little old. We went on a Sunday lunch and there were families eating lunch there – very casual.
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Amuse bouche: Maguro tartare rolled in aubergine.
Uni flan and pumpkin “awayuki”(probably meaning it is like snow, i.e. light and foamy).
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060130 035喜界島産コバトのロティ、ポトフ仕立て。 温かい林檎タルトキャラメルのアイス。
Baby pigeon roti in pot-au-feu.
warm apple tart and caramel ice-cream.

Quite good quality food for the price. Especially love the pigeon meat which is very tender. The server told us that the pink olive-shape thing was pigeon’s heart, but it tasted like egg with egg yolk inside….I grabbed the waiter again and he said it was egg afterall(^^;;;). Forgot whether he said it was pigeon egg or quail egg.
Menu: 1, 2, 3.
Tateru Yoshino

14 thoughts on “Tateru Yoshino Shiba Park Hotel (タテル ヨシノ)

  1. 私的には結構好きなお店なんですが、いかがでしたでしょうか?


  2. Hey Seat Happy birthday! 😀

    The pink thing does look a bit like heart or some sort of intenstine. Weird that it’s pink@

  3. Happy Bday….

    Tw dessert really only soso….orz
    Last weekend I spent over 400NT go eat so called Austria royal dessert…

    oh well…

    anyway, Happy Bday~~~hope can see u this yr

  4. Inoka>
    Austrian royal dessert? Very curious…^^;;;
    Let go have some nice cakes when you come here~

    It is pink because it is cooked in red wine apparently. ^^;;


  5. haha is there any “royal” in Australia at all…

    did you get special cake for your bday? 😛

  6. >Joan
    It’s Austiran la~~~ XD
    of course there is no royalty in Aussie…

    Tw opens a Dean & Deluca as well…very expensive…I was wondering did I go to D&D in Jpn before…

    oh..Maison Kayser opened as well…

  7. Joan>
    No cakes no going out for my birthday cos I’m going to Kyoto tomorrow for a tour and am trying to finish some work being going~~

    Now I recall…I tried the Austrian buffet held in the Westin hotel in Ebisu, and I remember the desserts were all super-sweet nothing-fancy cut cakes…
    D&D is expensive even in Japan!! The D&D in Shibuya is only for take-out. Did you go to the one inside Shinagawa station(you know near that visa bureau…) which has a small eat-in space, or the cafe in Marunouchi?
    What Maison Kayser in Taiwan?!!!

  8. then I think I’ve been to D&D in Shinagawa…

    Yeah, a Maison Kayser newly opened in Tw…
    they said quite good…I dont know…havent eat…
    still on Diet..

  9. baby pigeon~ wow I never had that since childhood eating that in chinese restaurant (craving it *q*). Haha pigeon liver vs egg, how can such mistake be made (deliberate?). The candies are so tempting. I’ve once bought a huge bar of nougat in market (onces that import Euro goods) and I devour the entire thing within half an hour. ^^;;

  10. Joan>
    Let’s not correct them…..^^;;;

    Thanks~. So many people are born in March~ ^^;;;
    I love nougat sweets too! That chewy texture is addictive.

    Maison Kayser has some healthy bread with fruits and nuts which are also nice. Go try try lor.

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