L’OSIER (ロオジエ)

8000yen lunch course.
Olive and soba flour bread. Satsuma-imo potato bread. Bread are from Maison Kayser.
オマール海老のロワイヤル 軽やかなカリフラワーのムース コキヤージュとグレープフルーツのヴィネグレット。
Amuse-bouche: Quail egg, white asparagus soup and green asparagus mousse.
Appetizer: Lobster Royale, cauliflower mousse, coquillage(clams?) and grapefruit vinaigrette. Curry flavoured chip on top.
白インゲン豆のスープ 鶏レバーのガトー トリュフのシャンティ。
Kidney bean soup, chicken liver gateau and Chantilly truffle. The soup was poured before served(pic here).
More bread. Salted brioche, fig bread and small baguette.
ラングスティーヌのポワレ パルメザンのリゾット ハーブのジュレ。
Main: Langoustine with parmesan risotto and herb jelly.
Pre-dessert: Chocolate espuma(means foam in Spanish) and little creme brulee. Top view here.
コーヒーとチョコレートのコンビネーション 2種類の香りのクルスティアン。
Lots of sweets on the table while you wait for the main dessert…
Dessert: Combination of chocolate and coffee. Inside is chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and coffee mousse. The chips on top are choclate and caramel flavour.
Petit fours wagon…
You can order as much as you like…
The kind of famous and prestigious “grand maison” that everyone knows. My first time here and I was really excited about it. But let me just say it first: the food is good, but it is not that mind-blowingly impressive. The lobster royale is the highlight of the whole meal for me. The dessert is a bit disappointing. The petit fours wagon is very exciting and fun but all the sweets taste cheap. ^^;;; Atmosphere is fantastic. So fantastic that we stayed for 4 hours…the staff are efficient and professional, not exactly warm and welcoming but they make you very comfortable. Strange though that there were 10 of us, but the butter and the candies were all in 4 sets. Also we wanted to take the leftover sweets home but they would only give us 3 paper bags…why so stingy??

My friend’s blog entry here. Much nicer pictures than mine.
Menu here and here.
My not so great pictures of the interior: 1, 2, 3.

5 thoughts on “L’OSIER (ロオジエ)

  1. Well it’s got a very impressive entrance and interior 😛 What do the percentages on the “lollipops” stand for?

  2. It is owned by Shiseido…of course gorgeous. X-D
    Shiseido always have the best CM, the most beautiful girls as models, the best designed cosmetics vessels etc….
    The lollipops are chocolates. The percentage is the amount of cocoa content~ Obviously you are not a chocoholic. ^^;;

  3. Oh is it sakura season now? So pretty~ haha looking at these pictures I felt like looking at a candy store more than courses menu. I’m dazzled by the assorted sweets! Even the amuse bouche looked dessert-y.

  4. wow… the interier/exterior looks very intimidating impressive. I’m most amazed by pix 0703210063 and 0703210062 actually… is that how a all your can eat chocolate/cake buffet would look like?

  5. It is crazy~ Sakura season is almost over already yet it snowed yesterday!!!

    Actuallly I am not a candy/chocolate person, I prefer cakes and those fancy course desserts. ^^;; The petit fours wagon was certainly fun…but I don’t want to eat it again. ^^;;

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