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Finally went to Tokyo Midtown! Only took a few pics on my way to lunch. The area is actually quite big. Of course lots of lots of people flooding everywhere. Queues outside every restaurant at lunch time.
We have booked a table in advance – no way I’m going to queue. ^^;; Have been to this restaurant twice before. Used to call “Joel” and located in Aoyama. The old location is closed now. The chef and the whole staff team have moved to Midtown. The manager still remembers me…err….
These pics are taken in the terrace space also belongs to the restaurant. It was sunny but still a bit chilly, so we decided to eat inside. We sat at the counter. Fantastic view! Apparently it was intended to be a bar counter but it was mistakenly built too low(^^;;;) so now it is also used as dining space as well.
The champagne served that day was the usual 13% but somehow it felt strong and I was dizzy pretty quickly~
Lunch menu(J) here.
4200yen lunch course consists of an appetizer, a main dish, dessert and coffee. Used to include two appetizers for the 4200yen lunch so as expected the price has gone up. We added one more appetizer to the lunch for an extra charge of 1800yen.
Amuse bouche: clam in saffron sauce.
Traditional country pate, with salad, walnut and bacon cake.
Puff-pastry of Norwegian salmon and mousse. Itadori sauce and red wine sauce.
Quail with potato paillasson(from the web: traditional potato preparation in which grated raw potatoes are fried to form a thin flat cake resembling a straw mat (“paillasson” in French)) and mushroom saute. Desserts from the wagon.

The food is great! Just love the sauce here so much. Service is friendly as ever. After we had our desserts, we spot the French chef(60 year-old gent) hanging around, talking and laughing with the madams, having a good time himself. The Japanese staff all have that “Oh not again~~” smiles on their faces. ^^;;; Later he came to talk to us and dragged us to the terrace and we chatted for quite a while. He was drinking coffee from a plastic cup that you normally use to brush your teeth. ^^;; Funny guy. Kept telling dirty jokes(in fluent Japanese!) and winking to my (girl) friend…err….^^;;;
cuisine francaise JJ

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  1. I read about Tokyo Midtown in magazine but I didn’t know this whole part is new…? (remember a restaurant called Kafka but kanji is 可不可…^^;;;
    What was in that whole area before?
    So many green, and no ‘japanese’ signs visible, ^^;; But the picture creepily reminds me of the chichi part of LA ^^:; (beverly hills, century city), it has that sunshine, open, all modern business + chichi feel.

    The lunch looks so full and good~~ Did you ask the chef what does he think of this new location and Tokyo midtown in general?

  2. Don’t remember what was that area before Midtown…Yeah you don’t feel like you are in Japan when you are in Midtown or even in Roppongi Hills. My friends from HK said the place looks like HK too, especially with the huge crowd around. Guess all modern business/shopping complex look similar. The chef said he likes the new place. His good friends are living/working nearby so he is happy to move here. ^^;;;

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