Toshi Yoroizuka

My favourite dessert place has moved to Tokyo Midtown as well.
The queue in the pictures…is for take-out only!!! Apparently only 3 groups of customers are allowed inside at one time. You have to wait forever before you can actually look at the cakes. -o-;;; Anyway, I prefer the tarts and pies much more than the cakes in this place. My primary target, as always, is the one-plate dessert that you eat at the counter space. In order to eat in, you need to write down your name and come back one and a half hour later…and you must be there when they call you or your booking is cancelled for good. You can’t book in advance either. Say if you want to book for 3pm, you must be there to write down your name at 1:30pm sharp. And of course there is no guarantee that you can get in at 3pm sharp. What a nightmare…
But once you are inside, you are in heaven! I had the strawberry mille-feuille and blueberry ice-cream. So delicious~!! Fresh mint tea is very good too. The dessert used to be 1000yen but now has gone up to 1200yen…well I guess that is inevitable. Also it is a shame that the main patisserie chef mainly stays inside the kitchen where you can’t see, while it used to be open kitchen~.
Toshi Yoroizuka

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  1. Gosh so much trouble, they can do that because the obsession-nature in Japanese people are willing to go thru that for a taste of a cake. ^^;;; I’d think pastries represents the tradition lifestyle of a quiet, relax afternoon tea (and a luxury, not a necessity). With all thoes lines and 3 hours wait list ‘pre-order’, eating a cake became a ‘mission’ that’d take over a good part of the day (not to mention a stressful wait). The pastry looks heavenly though…I guess it’s worth it…maybe? ^^;;

  2. Actually Japanese love to queue. The mentality is that if there is no need to wait, it is probably not that good. ^^;;; Actually what we did was, we had lunch at JJ(previous entry), and my friend dashed out at around 3pm before we had our desserts and made the booking at the cake shop(apparently you need queue a little bit just to write down your name in the wait list ^^;;), and at around 4:30pm we went to the cake shop and waited for about 20mins before we could go in. It was actually not THAT bad…if you have the whole afternoon for it…

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