Ristorante Sakanoue (リストランテ さかのうえ)

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Onion focaccia is warm and soft, but a bit oily.
Boudin Noir(pork blood sausage) terrine. Warm and rich-tasting. Wanted wine… There are hazelnut and pinenut and orange under the leaf.
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060309 146仔羊のラグーソース和え、ローズマリー風味の手打ちパッパルデル。

Homemade Pappardelle with baby lamb Ragu sauce and rosemary. Big chunks of lamb! Also radish, potato and kidney beans. Nice but quite meaty…craved wine…

Charcoal-grilled kurobuta pork with grilled organic vegetables. Nice charcoal smell and meat very tender. At this point I was beyond desperate for wine. Should have just “fxck work” and ordered wine from the beginning. The food is not overly salty, but I have somehow chosen meat + meat + meat for the course…

Dessert is chocolate pudding and nut gelato. Good too.
All that food plus coffee, only 2500yen. Very good value!

Lunch menu(J) here.
Ristorante Sakanoue

4 thoughts on “Ristorante Sakanoue (リストランテ さかのうえ)

  1. むむー.いつもステファノに入り浸っているので,こんな足下にこんなお店があるとは知りませんでした.



  2. 割と新しく出来たイタリアンだと思いますよ。

  3. haha Ragu is also name for a those packaged pasta meat sauce you can buy in market here. I didn’t know you have ‘restrain’ in not drinking during lunch for work….^^;; By the time you finished the meal the wine would be all washed down anyway.

  4. I will have 1 or 2 drinks when I am with friends, since the lunch will usually be more than 3 hours long(^^;;;), but I went to this place alone and only stayed for an hour or so. Definitely will fall asleep on my desk if I drink…

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