Cote d’Or (コートドール)

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Red bell pepper mousse, with tomato sauce.
Smoked salmon, leek and potato soup.
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Grilled liver, tongue, and diaphragm of lamb. Comes with potato galette.
Earl Grey sorbet.
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Banana tart. Has coconut in it.
Lunch course plus a glass of white wine, 6600yen.

Everything is good! Brought a friend who has many likes and dislikes about food and who generally hates French food(^^;;) to this place for lunch. Thanks to the very accomodating staff, my friend was able to finish the course without picking half of her plate off.
Cote d’Or

7 thoughts on “Cote d’Or (コートドール)

  1. はい!好き嫌い多いけれど残さず食べられました!

  2. Everything looks so cute (as if the entire things are dessert ^^;;), like cubic slice of lamb and fish. Oh sometimes it’s so painful to eat with people who’re picky, especially when dealing with waiters, I tend to feel embarass.

  3. Freda>
    Really? I am actually quite used to it. I have quite a few friends who can’t eat beef/can’t eat meat at all/don’t like coriander/allergic to nuts/allergic to pepper…^^;;;


  4. yeah I’m used to friends who’re picky in what they eat. I’m fine allergy, or no-beef/meat…totally understandable. It’s just some people aren’t very adventurous in eating, this affects group eating/family style only though (not too mention course dinner, I remember that one time the BF of my friend tag along the last minute and we were going to get the tasting menu, turns out he refuse to eat 90% of the ‘exotic’ ingredient listed there so we can’t order that…arghhh still pissed off about that ^^;;). It’s just more pleasant to eat with people who has no biased in eating anything, not too much limitation in ordering. Also sometimes the chef design the menu in a specific way, and when the patron request taking this and that out (= especially it’s the main flavor of the dish that’s the soul of it all), I’d feel cold sweat (and imagining the waiter bitch about it to the eye-rolling chef ^^;;).

  5. Couldn’t your friend’s boyfriend order something else and the rest of you order the tasting menu? Anyone in that situation would have been more considerate and willing to make a compromise, instead of making everyone else compromise for him. When you go out with people who can’t eat a lot of things, planning carefully ahead is so important. Choose places that have a large menu with many options that should fit everyone, a la carte but not prefix course…actually sometimes you get to try dishes that you normally won’t order and it can turn out great. ^^;;;

  6. I think in most places, when you want to do tasting menu, the entire table is required to do the same courses, they won’t allow different order (I never find out why such rule, for formality? or so the courses can be served/explained together?). One of the tasting menu we got, one of our friends had a weak stomach that night but she compromises us when the other 3 of us wanna do tasting menu…so touched by such ‘sacrifice’ ^^;;;;

  7. Maybe it is tough for the kitchen if everyone orders different things. Oh compromise is so necessary if you go in a big group…some French place I went wouldn’t let us choose our appetizer/main/dessert because we went in a group of 6, while the table next to us had the choice because they were only 2.

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