shigotouma (仕事馬)

Many visits to one of my favourite lunch spot! Specialised in horse meat but their lunch menu has a large variety.
Fresh (raw) horse meat rice bowl. Very nice with sesame oil seasoning and lots of Korean Namul. Comes with Korean spicy soup that you pour into the rice after you finish half of it.

Donburi with steak and miso. Many slices of beef which are soft but a bit tough to chew. Though the miso soup(100yen) is very good with lots of veggy in it.
Horse meat bolognese. Huge portion! The pasta is a bit soft but the sauce has a generous amount of meat. The Japanese-style minestrone(100yen) is good as ever. Also comes with a big salad(same as above), pumpkin pudding and coffee.
馬肉のレアハンバーグ 和風香味ソース、¥850。中華スープ、¥100。
Horse meat rare hamburger. Chinese soup. Both very good and healthy-tasting.
Hayashi rice. Kenchin-jiru. Even a simple Hayashi rice tastes so good in this place~~
Chocolate pudding.
Fresh (raw) horse meat rice bowl with grated mountain yam.
Menu here.

2 thoughts on “shigotouma (仕事馬)

  1. Horse meat bolognese!!! Gosh looks so good~
    It still sounds really exotic to me to eat horse meat raw…how’s the smell like? So this is the place you go back again and again? Even though it’s horse centric yet full of variety~

  2. Oh horse meat doesn’t smell at all. Raw horse meat is pinkish and has a faint sweet taste. Yeah I went there 5 times already, once a week or so. Good thing about this place is that the seating is rather comfortable and you don’t have to share tables, and lunch course comes with a salad and you can order a soup with lots of veggy in it. Some of the lunch items are fixed, but they have daily and weekly specials – horse meat bolognese is daily special~. I always go early so never have to wait, but when I leave there is always a queue.

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