Left: Chocolate and marron mousse cake.
Right: Prize-winning chocolate cake. Has orange liqueur in it.
Left: Ciboust. This is very good!
Right: Mont Blanc.
Left: Chocolate mousse cake with Jasmine brulee and Camomile sauce. Nice fragrance.
Right: Saint Honoré. My favourite!
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061021 075They also have very nice cookies. Light and fluffy and crispy all at once. The one in the pack has ginger taste, very spicy and good! Not in picutres are marron galette, macaron and financier. All very good.

The cake shop is in Yokohama. A bit far for me, but it is only about 3 mins walk from the nearest train station and they have a cafe for eating in. I have tried their cakes before(see tag) when they had a booth space inside a food mall in Shibuya station.

2 thoughts on “PÂTISSERIE DÉFFERT (デフェール)

  1. Yokohama! That’s so far~~^^;;
    Is “price winning” mereley the name or it’s really for real? St.honore = cream puff right? I haven’t actually had an orange-flair chocolate cake before, it’s a heavenly combine but I’m surprised how few I’ve seen them around in US. IN US it’s always the usual choco+raspberry/strawberry kind.

  2. We went there for sushi and dropped by this place for dessert. ^^;;;
    The patissier chef won in some Belgium sweet contest with that orange liqueur cake. I like the other ones better though.
    Yeah G

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