Les Dix temps the TOTOKI (レディタン ザ・トトキ)

9450yen dinner course(the “cheapest” in the menu).
Amuse-bouche. Bread is very good.
Marinated madai(bream) and white asparagus mousse.
Petit Pois(green peas) and organic onion cappuccino.
Roasted Shamo and organic vegetables.
Caramel pudding.
Strawberry parfait with pistachio ice-cream.
Amuse-bouche ~ bread ~ appetizer ~ soup were all great, then the main dish shamo came and it was dry and the sauce tasted like yoshoku…it might be too much to ask that the whole course is “perfect” and you like every single dish, but you do wish that the one you don’t like isn’t the MAIN dish. ^^;;; The pre-dessert ~ dessert ~ petit fours are great, but the server said the pudding is orange-flavour yet no one out of 6 of us could taste any orange. The pistachio ice-cream in the parfait is super rich, though for a 10,000yen course I had expected something more fancy than a simple and rather small parfait. Also the half-melting chocolate stick was unnecessary. The Canelé from the petit fours is soft type, very good.

Sad thing is, the service is rather bad. Nothing rude, just very very cold and snobby, and the stuck-up waitress dropped the cutlery rather loudly twice throughout our meal….Heard from a friend who loves this place that you get much better dining experience sitting at the counter and talking to chef, who welcomes requests about the food. Like the front page of the menu lists all the recommended seasonal ingredients, and you can pick those you like, set a budget, and let the chef design a course for you on spot. Though if you sit in the counter you won’t be able to take pictures. We sat in the private room so we got away with it. ^^;;
Menu(J): 1, 2, 3.

2 thoughts on “Les Dix temps the TOTOKI (レディタン ザ・トトキ)

  1. Compare to so many fancy and premium ingredients courses you always had on the blog, this doesn’t look like it worth 9450yen…^^:;; Shamo is chicken, no matter how rare it’s still…chicken…haha! Seems so formal inside (ppl in suits?). Did you guys underdressed…(hence the rude attitude?)

  2. No we didn’t underdress for sure…I actually bought skirts and highheel shoes especially for going to French restaurants!!! Yeah, all the staff are in suits and very formal. The place is on the 7th floor of a building and is quite tiny. They don’t even have space for separate toilets for men and women. Maybe because it is Ginza hence the bad value and snobby service?!

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