Bondy (欧風カレー ボンディ)


Very famous curry place. You have to walk through an old bookstore to get to the entrance.

0703220080ビーフカレー、¥1450。 チーズカレー、¥1450。
Beef curry. Cheese curry. From two separate lunch visits. You can choose “hot”, “medium hot” and “sweet”. I had “sweet” for the beef and “hot” for the cheese. “Sweet” tastes fruity but still a bit spicy. “Hot” is not THAT hot, but less sweet. There is melted cheese on the rice. The potatoes come with the set….but who will need 3 potatoes with such a big plate of rice?! ^^;; Nice curry though I wish the price were cheaper.

3 thoughts on “Bondy (欧風カレー ボンディ)

  1. haha sweet curry = yoshoku curry? ^^;;
    I thought those potatoes were cheese bread/dinner roll!!

  2. Wahahaha~~ the smell probably doesn’t go that far. ^^;; Besides, the bookstore is all secondhand stuff anyway. Japanese “European style” curry is thick and very sweet, and there is usually raisins in addition to other pickles on the table for you to add to the curry.

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