Liberal Table Cafe


Salad with 5 Toppings, 580yen. Green peas potage, 380yen.
Dried curry set, 850yen. Comes with a small salad and drink(I had hot peach tea). Quite sweet curry with lots of raisins in it. Tastes healthy.

Whenever I feel like I am lacking vegetables I will come here. The salad bowl is huge and stomach-filling. The soup changes every week, mostly potage soup which is always a little too thick for some reason. Once they had minestrone and it was good. This place promotes detox diet, in which you basically just eat vegetables, fruits, and drink herb tea.
Liberal Table Cafe

2 thoughts on “Liberal Table Cafe

  1. Hard to imagine that curry can be part of the detox diet program ^^;;; But the salad looks very interesting (cute actually) and yummy! This place looks like if it were near my office I’d lunch everyday!

  2. The place IS on the first floor of an office building and at lunch time many OL come here for lunch.

    They offer sandwiches with many different kinds of fillings too. Also curry which is easy to make for a cafe.

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