Irreel (イレール)

10種類の野菜と地鶏ささ身のプレッセ 沖縄産シークワーサーソース。
Lunch menu B, 3990yen.
Presser of 10 kinds of vegetables and chicken breast meat in Okinawa shikuwasa(Okinawa citrus fruit) sauce. Hmm the sauce is too sweet.
マッシュルームの温かいフラン。 春キャベツのスープ。
Mushroom flan. Red wine sauce and truffle bits on top. The sauce is like demi-glace, a bit yoshoku-feel but delicious.
Spring cabbage soup. With quite strong pepper and shiso in it. Very washoku-feel…but I like it.
シャラン産鴨胸肉のロースト コリアンダー風味 干しイチジクのピューレ添え。
Roasted duck breast, with coriander and dried fig puree. This is very very delicious!! But…only one slice!?! ^^;;;
Warm banana pie and Earl grey ice-cream. A bit normal.

Have been to this place 3, 4 years ago and have forgotten what I ate EXCEPT the main dish which was soft and juicy beef steak with cheese on top – absolutely amazing and impossible to forget. This time again, the main dish is the most delicious. The interior is renovated and much more stylish than before. I still remember last time the fire alarm went off and didn’t stop for a loooooong time while the customers continued eating…^^;;

There were actually 3 different appetizers and 3 different desserts available, but because we were a big group of 8, we weren’t allowed to choose. So the staff simply decided who was going to get what. A bad arrangement cos people tend to wish they had someone else’s food. ^^;;

Lunch menu(J) here.
Add: ABC ANNEX building 3F, 3-29-16 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-5475-6127

2 thoughts on “Irreel (イレール)

  1. The duck looks so amazing! The veggie terrain looks like a toy =cute (strange cross section of all these diff. veggie ^^;;;).
    Why a big group can’t choose the dessert ^^;;

  2. That’s why I thought it was a very bad arrangement…they can just tell us how many portions of each type of appetizer and dessert are available and let us fight over them ourselves. ^^;;

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