der Akkord (アコルト)

Apple jam pie and yomogi anpan. Just these two cost 997yen! But understandable since this bakery is 100% strict organic/macrobiotic: doesn’t use sugar, animal products or chemicals. All the ingredients are either homemade or carefully selected. Taste-wise…the yomogi bread tastes like grass and the red bean inside has a strange sour and salty taste…^^;; But the apple pie is crispy and the apple filling is sweet(natural kind). Very “whole food” tasting but quite like it.
Went back another day to get the pumpkin pie and coconut cake. The coconut cake has too much raisins in it…I gave up halfway. The pumpkin pie is good but I prefer the apple pie.
der Akkord
Add: 5-45-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-6419-2928

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  1. Taken care of the spam problem? ^^;;; ARGH so annoying!

    Seems like you’re more and more open to organic/macrobiotic food? (or because it’s gaining popularity in Japan?)

  2. Is organic food very popular in Japan?…Sorry, I would like to post comment in Kaikaya entry but that thread is already closed…The restaurant is on my wanted to try list for my next visit to Tokyo as well (heard a lot of good reviews and also was looking for a place to try maguro no kama yaki). Glad to hear that you enjoyed the food but smoke 🙁 … How did you find their tuna spareribs? Can you recommend other places for a good maguro no kama yaki which offer more traditional Japanese foods and less smoke? Thanks.

  3. snl>
    Organic vegetables are popular and many upscale restaurants offer that. Since I don’t cook so I am not sure about its availability in supermarkets.
    On Kaikaya, I like the tuna sparerib a lot! It is quite japanese since the sauce is soy sauce based. Unfortunately I don’t know anywhere you can have good maguro kamayaki…I think you can get that in izakaya/taishu kappo/Japanese dining kind of places, where they offer Japanese-style fish menu. Usually they are hang-out places of salarymen so there is always lots of alcohol flowing and lots of smoke. Maybe avoid shabby izakaya and go for modern Japanese dining where you may get a private room free of smoke. I only go to this kind of izakaya places for cheap lunches so I can’t really recommend you. I know 2 places which are popular among salarymen:
    大衆割烹 三州屋 (Taishu Kappo Sanshuya)
    There are a number of branches and the popular one is in Ginza.
    Add: 2-3-4 Ginza
    Tel: 03-3564-2758
    Map here:

    魚金 (Uokin)
    Add: 3-18-3 Shinbashi, Minato-ku
    Tel: 03-3431-1785

    Again I have never tried them so I can’t guarantee!

    Once in a while I do try to eat healthy. ^^;;;

  4. Thank you seat for the info. How about other dish at Kaikaya, are they a typical traditional Japanese (olive oil is not normal used in Japanese cooking, isn’t it)? Can you your own table at Kaikaya? Thanks.

  5. snl>
    The other dishes I ordered were not the traditional Japanese kind with simple salt or soy sauce seasoning. But it is certainly not rare for izakayas, especially the ones targetting female customers, to offer a mix of Japanese and western menu anyway.
    I sat in the big table and had to share with other people, but there are a few smaller tables which you should be able to book and no need to share. But the tables are very close together and you probably won’t be able to avoid the smoke if the table next to you has people smoking…if the weather is good, you can sit outside and then you won’t have the smoke problem. The small road in front of the restaurant is not so busy.

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