bel mare (ベルマーレ)


Salad, bread or rice, main dish, half-portion pasta and drink, 1250yen. Bread is garlic bread, which is warm and pretty massive. Main dish is salmon saute in green(pesto) sauce. Quite tasty! Two options for the pasta and I had the scallop “Genovese”(pesto sauce). It is definitely not half-portion! Rather normal pasta but not bad. For drinks, other than coffee and tea, there is also blood orange juice. I was so stuffed that I didn’t need dinner at all….
Today’s lunch menu(J) here.
Went back again for the same course. Puttanesca with squid, tomato, caper and olive.
Main is pork saute with lemon sauce. The lemon sauce is a little too sour and the pork a bit dry, but it is okay. Garlic toast today is focaccia bread. Also includes a salad.
Another lunch menu(J) here.
bel mare
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2 thoughts on “bel mare (ベルマーレ)

  1. You often had such elaborate lunch course, if you had them later (like around 3 ish) you can totally skip dinner. A chinese doctor friend of my mom, he only eats 2 meals a day. Very good breakfast when he work up, then a very nice lunch at 3-4 ish. That kept him very healthy and thin. If weren’t my work schedule, I would totally do this diet!

  2. Whenever I have heavy lunches like full course French/Italian, I always skip dinner too. Or just have fruits or salad…Really, I am always either stuffing my face or starving…^^;;;

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