Au goût du jour Nouvelle Ère (ヌーヴェルエール)

Very nice view of the old red brick facade of Tokyo station.
The bread is very good.
Amuse: Pork pate puff.
Appetizer: Warm smoked salmon with sesame seed, wasabi cream sauce. Delicious! Couldn’t taste the wasabi though.
Main: Chicken breast in Tapenade sauce. Very tasteless and dry meat…I couldn’t finish it.
Dessert: Strawberry roll cake. Specialty of the patisserie. Super good.

Lunch course is 3500yen. This restaurant is under the same management as Au gout du jour and Merveille(see tag). Service is warm and friendly. The food is not super impressive but the value is not bad. After coffee, herb tea was also served. The restaurant is quite small and is inside Shinmaru building, right next to igrek.
Menu 1, 2.
Nouvelle Ère

4 thoughts on “Au goût du jour Nouvelle Ère (ヌーヴェルエール)

  1. Really nice view indeed! And yeah price seems reasonable considering the amount of food and view 🙂

  2. the salmon & roll cake look soooooo gooooooood
    i’m drooling just from the pictures!
    what a pity about the main though…

  3. Hey Scenic! Haha, I guess I am just fussy about chicken. btw I had another very bad Hainan chicken rice the other day…let me upload today!

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