Ginza La Tour (ラ・トゥール)

6500yen lunch course.
Huge bread…for one person!
殻つきオマール海老の温かいサラダ仕立て トマトラヴィゴットソース。
Amuse-bouche – salmon mousse rolled in salmon. Colourful plate.
Lobster warm salad, tomato ravigote sauce. The lobster is a bit overcooked~.
本日の魚: カサゴのグリーンアスパラソース。
Today’s fish: Kasago in green asparagus sauce. The sauce is super delicious!
More bread~
Chicken soup, cappuccino style. Warm and full of flavour.
Grilled lamb chop. Soft and tender. Very very good.
Wagon dessert. Usually you choose a few of what you want but the server saw our greedy faces and suggested “Why not all?” ^^;;; Four different types of sorbet and a bit of everything from the wagon. All are good! Not too sweet too.
Herb tea. And a few choices for the petit fours. I had macarons.
Free refill for the herb tea. Pretty cups here and here.

I love the main and the dessert. The service is great. Very friendly staff. The wagon dessert is only available during weekdays lunch time though.
Menu: 1, 2, 3.
Ginza La Tour
Add: 5F, Kojun building, 6-8-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3569-2211
The restaurant is right above Barneys.

2 thoughts on “Ginza La Tour (ラ・トゥール)

  1. Wow that’s a full loaf of bread! The salmon mousse looked almost sushi-ish.

    Adding onto the previous ‘raw food’ discussion I missed. I was doing that for awhile too, though it’s more like I’m lazy to cook at night so I eat salad every night ^^;; It’s hard to ‘balance’ that kind of diet because raw food tends to be too ‘cold’ (in chinese medicine term), and without enough oil your body is harder for ‘bathroom activities’ ^^;; Salad oil is a must I guess. As for ‘hot’ you balance with ginger, garlic maybe…?

  2. Yeah apparently you should add good oil(extra virgin olive oil etc) to your salad, and warming ingredients like ginger and garlic and radish. Also you should always have hot soup to go with the salad if that is your main dish. You eat salad only for dinner?? But before you get full, don’t you feel a bit ill eating too much raw vegetables in one go?? ^^;;;

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