Ginza L’ecrin (銀座レカン)

Finally went to the prestigious L’ecrin. Have passed by its entrance in the middle of Ginza many times but never went inside. It is at the basement floor. The very dark, heavy red decor with shining gold lights was kinda intimidating at first.
From the 5700yen lunch course. Aubergine pate.
Langoustines and vegetables confit. Absolutely delicious! Another pic.
Fish soup.
You put the saffron sauce and cheese on the biscuit and lay it on top of the soup.
仔鴨のロースト マデラソース。
Roasted baby duck with Madere sauce.
Fruit soup from the dessert wagon.
Also from the wagon. You can choose up to 5 different kinds of cake.

Food is “orthodox” and nothing fancy, but tastes good. Only thing is the service, which is snobby, bordering on rude. Another table seemed like regular customers and they received pretty smiley and friendly serivce….

I have been to the more casual branch also in Ginza and in Ueno(see tag).
Menu: 1, 2, 3.

Ginza L’ecrin
Add: B1 Mikimoto building, Ginza 4-5-5, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3561-9706

3 thoughts on “Ginza L’ecrin (銀座レカン)

  1. interior is so luxurious French looking.
    I can’t imagine those sauce ‘wasted’ in a soup ^^;; (wouldn’t that be too much flavors).

    Hey I finally tried to cook saffron myself. Joan and I made Saffron cream spaghetti with scallop ourselves. We bought this tiny jar of saffron (so expensive!) and only used a bit. The sauce is basically butter + shallots + cream + a bit of saffron. It’s amazing! We used squid ink pasta too. My mom actually bought a huge pack of saffron when she went to tibet, but she didn’t really know how to use them (just that the Tibetian people add them into cooking, drinking tea..etc).

  2. Actually I thought the soup tasted better without the sauce too…^^;;

    Wow, saffron cream spa sounds tasty. But how come it is expensive when it is made from cheap ingredients…? Hey you should take pics of what you have cooked! If not for the blog, just upload to flickr and let me see!!

  3. I was surprised to find how expensive Saffron is too~ I guess maybe the flowers are more delicate to grow than most crops, and there’s only 2-3 stems in each flowers, and must be hand picked one by one.

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