epanoui (エパヌイ)

江戸前穴子のポワレ リゾット添え 赤ワイン風味のソース。
Amuse: Soramame(broad bean), ham and short pasta.
Appetizer: Pan-fried anago with cheese risotto in red wine sauce. Very Japanese.
イベリコ・デ・ベジョータのカイエット 甘酸っぱいソースをかけて: 豚のひき肉と野菜を網脂で包んで焼き上げ甘酸っぱいソースをかけた。
Cold potato potage.
Main dish: Minced Iberico pork and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce. So it is a high-class pork hamburger. ^^;;;

クレーム・キャラメル キャラメルのアイスクリーム添え。プラリネのミルフゥィユ チョコレートのアイスクリーム添え。ガナッシュのヴァロティーヌ オレンジ風味 コーヒーのアイスクリーム添え。
Three desserts my friends and I shared. Creme caramel(pudding) with caramel ice-cream. Praline mille-feuille with chocolate ice-cream. Ganache cake with orange flavour, coffee ice-cream.

We had the 3990yen dinner course. Soup is additonal order, 525yen. Food is not bad. Very good value for a full course dinner. The homemade bread is delicious. The anago and hamburger I had were fine but my friends were disappointed that their foie gras appetizer, lamb and fish were all a little overcooked. The desserts were just so-so. The intimate atmosphere is nice though, and the madam is very friendly. I have come here a couple of years ago and liked it(see tag).

epanoui (HP, review)
Add: Hiroo 3-2-14, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-3407-1513

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  1. The food looked very gourmet though, I would never guess that’s protage + hamburg steak ^^;;;

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