Italian Dining Ventaglio(Mandarin Oriental Tokyo)



From the 5000yen dinner buffet. Everything is from the buffet except the pasta which you pick from 2 choices and they bring to you from the kitchen. I was a bit shocked that they brought us the pasta while we were just starting our appetizers… Anyway, the food is mediocre at best. Most of the appetizers are strong with herb(as mentioned in the homepage). The cooked meat are slightly better.
Italian Dining Ventaglio

6 thoughts on “Italian Dining Ventaglio(Mandarin Oriental Tokyo)

  1. The course doesn’t include drinks~! The previous buffet at New York Grill was very good so we were eager to try others…

  2. どれもこれも ざ・イマイチング。再訪はゼッタイないですね~

  3. FKへの期待は膨らむばかりで、ハズレじゃなければいいけどね、、、(心配)

  4. The plating of the top right photo looks professionally neat, as if a catering chef plated that! ^^;;

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