Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros (キュイジーヌ[S] ミッシェル・トロワグロ)

French restaurant inside the Hotel Hyatt Regency. Check out the English review here.
Very high-quality snacks!
Amuse-bouche is green peas soup with mango and some citrus fruit jelly in it.
Homemade bread is basil, bacon and one I forgot.
トマトのジュレ、マスカルポーネ オリーブとレザンのラビオリ仕立て。
Tomato jelly with two kinds of ravioli – mascarpone ravioli, olive and raisin ravioli.
Madara(Pacific cod) with grilled leek and maitake mushroom in mustard sauce. The sauce is made from beef stock and katsuobushi. A bit sour.
Challans Duck with fig cooked in Banyuls wine, potato souffle with Fourme d’Ambert cheese and wasabi. We had to add the duck sauce ourselves.
Yogurt mousse and orange. Chocolate tarte with coffee cream inside. Ice-cream is caramel and anise flavour.
High-quality petit fours!
I have heard about this place for a long time and everyone warned me that the food is not “classic French” but more modern Japanese-French fusion kind of cuisine. The fish is definitely very Japanese, while the rest are light tasting and use quite a bit of herbs. I like the food alright but am not crazy about it. The environment is elegant, and the service, though a bit formal, is very professional. Somehow there are menus for 7500yen and 10,000yen course, but the cheapest 5000yen has no menu which makes it a bit embarassing to order…
Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros

6 thoughts on “Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros (キュイジーヌ[S] ミッシェル・トロワグロ)

  1. Hi Chaxiubao, hope you have great meal there and a great time in Japan. My friend who went with me ordered the 7500yen lunch course, and changed his chicken main dish to the duck with a fee(not sure exactly how much but I think it was about 2000yen). His 7500yen course actually had better appetizer, better fish dish, and better dessert than mine!!

  2. So that’s the 10000 yen course? The duck looks good (though a bit small). How’s the icecream with Anise star flavor…seems interesting…

    Is there other French place you think is better and didn’t get a star at Michelin?

  3. Yeah the pictures are from the 10,000yen course. We printed out a coupon from its homepage and got ourselves a free drink each(champagne or wine), but that coupon is gone after the restaurant got Michelin stars. ^^;;;

    Oh there are many restaurants that I think are stars-worthy but didn’t get any, and many unbelievably crappy restaurants got stars…

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