Caudalie (コーダリー)

From the 1800yen lunch course(available on weedays only).
Bread is hot and refillable. Chilled(still summer when I went) turnip soup with Iberico pork bits on top.
Green salad and pickled vegetables.
Pan-fried pork loin, white kidney beans in tomato stew, and Merguez sausage.
Herb tea and petit fours.
Went back and had the 1800yen lunch again. Chilled green asparagus soup. Beef fillet and vegetables with rice, teriyaki style. The salad is the same(here) while the petit fours have different flavours(here). Last time I kept having more bread cos they were so good, and the manager seemed to remember and kept giving me more bread this time too…3 bread plus rice with the main dish, I was so stuffed by the end. But from this time onwards, they don’t warm the bread anymore – kitchen staff too busy? Still good though.
Third time. Vichyssoise with consomme jelly in it. It is so nice! Panfried fish(2 kinds) in crustacean and basil sauce.
Fourth time round I tried the 2800yen lunch. Asparagus and broccoli soup.
Escargot on mushroom with garlic cappuccino sauce.
Grilled quail. Black sesame seed creme brulee and nougat ice-cream with marron and apricot. Also includes coffee and petit fours.

This restaurant is still pretty new. When I first went in summer, it was never full, but now it is always fully booked even on weekdays lunchtime, which is quite amazing cos its location is obscure and entirely off the main road(though it is near Ueno Park). The food is delicious and the value is amazing. 1800yen lunch is really a good deal, though the menu for it doesn’t change much. I basically tried all available options for the 1800yen lunch. The restaurant is tiny and there is only one guy(very friendly) serving. Tax is included and no service charge at lunch or dinner.
Menu(J): 1, 2.
Add: 1-6-19 Ikenohata, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3828-3006

4 thoughts on “Caudalie (コーダリー)

  1. Thai food is a bit toned down and expensive in Tokyo so I seldom go. After reading many good reviews, I have always wanted to try Kaffir Lime though.

  2. Wow what a deal~ So some of these photos go way back at summer? ^^;; I like that it doesn’t seem likea cheat set when they have not-your-average gourmet soup (instead of lame salad or those expected mushroom cream soup or something). Vichyssoise – complicated word ^^;;. Black sesame seed creme brulee = yum!

  3. I went there like once a month…and I visited four times so. ^^;;; Japanese uses “Vichyssoise” in the menu(in katakana of course) instead of simply cold potato soup. I just copied and pasted…I can’t spell it!! ^^;;

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