Ristorante Tanicha (タニーチャ)

The restaurant is supposed to be 10mins walk from Roppongi or Nogizaka station, but it is so much of a hideaway in a nondescript residential area that, even with the help of a map and direction instructions from the restaurant staff through the phone, it still took us 20 mins to find it. Quite surprised that this obscure little restaurant was filled with salarymen on a Friday evening.
From 5000yen dinner course. You can choose the appetizer, pasta, main dish and dessert from a large variety of choices – took us more than half an hour to decide!
Amuse-bouche: Ankimo terrine. It is like an izakaya snack, a bit bitter. Should have ordered beer instead of champagne.
Foie gras and pear saute, with raspberry vinegar(+600yen). I always end up ordering foie gras…but oh this is so good! The combination of sweet pear+foie gras+cheese is absolute heaven.
Sample of the handmade pasta available was brought to us to choose.
One mouthful of simple spaghetti with cheese. It was nice but I was very puzzled about what it was for…I can understand a simple pasta at the end of the course in case you are still hungry, but right after the appetizer? I later realised it was a good idea because the next pasta course was a looooooong wait…
Piping hot homemade bread.
カカオを打ち込んだカネロニ 野鹿のラグー。
Tanicha-style Agnolottini. It is filled with four kinds of meat – pork, beef, chicken and hare.
Cocoa Cannelloni rolled with Venison Ragu.
My friend and I chose different pasta and the staff split them into half to let us try them both, so the pics show half portion. Both are so good, so rich with complex flavours of meat, cheese and herb. I wish the portion were bigger though~ we were desperately trying to cut each piece of pasta into half so that we could enjoy it longer, while all I wanted to do was to stuff my face with a huge bowl of it….^^;;

0710050083金曜Special「タニーチャローストの日」料理。 チョコレートのスフレ。
Friday is Special “Tanicha Roast day”. Okinawa “AGU” pork roasted with herb. The madam brought the whole chuck to show us at the beginning. It tastes so much like Cantonese roasted pig apart from the herb. Served simple with mustard and green pepper. The skin is the hard crispy kind. 90% of my cut is pure fat though, with a little white meat near the bone. Dessert is Chocolate souffle. It doesn’t look like souffle but it is nice and light with chocolate sauce in the middle. It is hot from the oven.

Glass wine is 1200~1500yen. I had a glass of red and it was really nice. Plus a glass of Rose champagne(1000yen), extra charge for the foie gras, 10% service charge, my bill was about 9000yen. I would say it is a bit expensive, especially the portion is really tiny. But then the restaurant is in a posh area. The whole course took us 4 hours, even we were slow on deciding the menu, delivery of food was simply too slow. The madam actually apologised to us for the delay.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3.
Ristorante Tanicha
Add: 1-5-16 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5775-6050

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  1. Too bad there’s bitter taste to Ankimo, it should be almost foie-gras like. The choose-your-uncooked pasta is such a show-off idea! (but i’ll get dazzled too). I normally avoid getting Cannelloni because they’re so heavy and if the sauce was just alright, it’d be hard to eat. But that cocoa one looks soooo delicious~

  2. Cannelloni usually comes with heavy sauce but the portion will be smaller than the usual long pasta so it is okay. Anyway, I like heavy cream sauce. ^^;;

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