Cucina Siciliana Archimede (アルキメーデ@神泉)

Came here before(see tag) and left with the regret of not being able to finish everything cos it was just too much food. This time I skipped breakfast and lunch to prepare for this meal…very determined!!
Liver paste and pork rillette.
Turnip soup. 10 appetizers to share between 2 people.

Sardine roll and fish meat balls. Deep-fried little white fish.
サフランを練りこんだタリオリーニ 紅ズワイカニとあさり・ルーコラのソース。
Saffron tagliolini with red zuwai crab, clam and Rucola sauce.
Chocolate papprdelle with stewed venison sauce.
Pasta is homemade and al dente cooked. Both dishes are very good! Portion is for 2 people.
骨付き仔羊肉のハーブ風味のパン粉オーブン焼き じゃがいものロースト添え(骨付き250g)。
かくまさんの豚肉 脂身をはずした芯ロース肉のソテー 生ハムのせ 赤ピーマンのメッシーナ風(160g)。
My main dish: Oven-grilled lamb chop(250g including the bones) with herb and breadcrumbs, and roasted potatoes.
My friend’s: Pork loin(160g) Saute, with ham and bell pepper.
My lamb is the second item from the top of the main dish menu, which means it is second in terms of size. I was stuffed by the end but I finished it!! Phew!!
Marron mille-feuille and custard pudding.

Dinner course is 6000yen per person including dessert and coffee. Tax included and no service charge. Glass wine is 900yen. The price is very reasonable, especially for the amount of food you get. Quality-wise, it is a bit salty in taste but good in a home-cooked sort of way.

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.

Add: 2-8 Shinsencho, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-5489-6850

4 thoughts on “Cucina Siciliana Archimede (アルキメーデ@神泉)

  1. Ohoh I remember this place. Yes very reasonable price for all the food. Gosh the 10 appetizers looks so good!

    so many interesting dishes!
    How’s “Chocolate papprdelle with stewed venison sauce” like? a little Oaxacan/mole sauce-ish?

  2. My friend and I both couldn’t taste any chocolate at all. ^^;;; But it is good enough!

  3. I like how their appertizers are like sampler size for you to try everything…I think i’d be full after them. ^^:; Interesting way to setup a course…maybe the chef likes to make little dishes and know customers will walk away feeling very ‘worth’…^^:;

  4. I like the pasta and the meat better than the appetizers(some have similar taste) and feel a bit of a shame that my stomach is too stuffed by the appetizers to enjoy them. Perhaps you can leave the cold appetizers on the table, finish the pasta and the meat, and then go back to tackling the appetizers slowly while you drink and chit-chat…

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