Salle à manger (サラマンジェ@虎ノ門)

サラダ ガストロノミ。
ブーダン・ノワールとレンズ豆、林檎 バナナのラグー。
Salad gastronomy: smoked duck breast, foie gras, karasumi, cresson(water cress). Boudin Noir with lentil, apple and banana ragu.

0712080007詰め物をしたホロホロ鳥のロースト キノコとフォワ・グラのソース。
蝦夷鹿ロースト 赤すぐりソース。
Stuffed guinea fowl, mushroom and foie gras sauce.
Hokkaido venison with redcurrant sauce.
Lamb shank Cassoulet.

Oven-baked la France(European pear) with ice-cream. Chocolate cake.

This place calls itself “Oyaji‘s French”, basically saying that the food is macho, meat-heavy, straightforward, no fancy presentation and no sensational fanfare of creative fusion which is more pleasing to female customers. I starved myself at lunch to prepare for this dinner, but turned out that it is not that macho afterall. The menu is mainly meat dishes, but the portion is not too big. Surprisingly the taste is quite delicate and never too greasy or salty. Two of us shared two appetizers and THREE main courses, before we had desserts. Everything we ordered was delicious, except perhaps the chocolate cake which was grossly sweet. Among the 3 main dishes we had, I like the guinea fowl the most. The bill was about 10,000yen per person including a glass of champagne and 2 glasses of wine and also coffee. Not exactly cheap, but not overpriced either. The interior is not so pretty – it is more like a cheap yoshoku place than a French restaurant. But the young waiter is friendly and the chef, whom you can see cooking all by himself in the open kitchen, is also helpful in explaining the menu.

Salle à manger
Add: B1, 1-11-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-6903-6730

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  1. Gosh I’m addicted to how much more ‘advance’ the blog now is, even submitting reply feels good.

    Boudin Noir with lentil, apple and banana ragu: I get the apple and lentil, not the banana… ^^;;

    Oyaji French, funny term, so Japanese to be gender coded.

  2. i was so freaked out when i couldnt leave comments this morning….
    now looks lyk the reconstruction process is nearly finished ^-^

    the venison looks so impressive with redcurrant sauce!!
    i am a “fruity-sided” person so this one should suit me well…lol =)

  3. Ha Oyaji French, “macho, meat-heavy, straightforward, no fancy presentation and no sensational fanfare” basically describe traditional French cuisine. I think when the Chef’s technique is refine then even “no fancy presenation, straightforward” food is never too greasy or salty.

  4. Freda>
    A lot of entries got cut into half, and a dozens are simply missing…it will take some tedious copy and paste to sort them out~~

    The vension is a bit more expensive than other meat options – it is worth it if you like the particular texture of vension meat.

    Yeah and making the food too greasy and salty will just drive customers away.

  5. Yeah, the entries transferring is done surprisingly low-tech method: manual copy and paste. ^^;; When I export from MT, it create a giant Text document. Normally you can upload this txt to wordpress and transfer done. But it has to be under 2MB. Your site was 12MB! (mine is 8MB), so I have to manually cut and paste that giant text document into pieces, so each section is under 2MB. During one of those cut & paste process, I might have miss highlight one or two lines…hence the mess up. Sorry about that. And for my blog, when there’s an non English accent letter (ie the accent e in french), it cut off whatever comes after that letter. It was so annoying. I hope that’s now what happen with yours either.

  6. Yeah that happens to me – whatever comes after a french alphabet gets cut off. Also all the entries between Nov-Dec 2006 were missing – now I know why. ^^;;; But it is done! Well done!

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