Aux Gourmands (オー・グルマン)

From the 4200yen lunch course which includes amuse-bouche, two appetizers, main dish, dessert and coffee.
The giblets and vegetables soup is my friend’s appetizer.
My two appetizers. Pate en Croute with venison, guinea fowl and foie gras.
Foie gras steak with blue cheese risotto – this really hit the spot~~XD

Ibaraki cherry pork in mustard sauce. The pork is very soft with thin layers of fat streaked with the meat(marbling) so that each bite is juicy with well-balanced amount of meat and fat. Dessert is pear sorbet and honey ice-cream.

This place is all for meat-lovers! A bit on the salty side but it is okay with me. The chef used to be a boxer apparently(and he does look like one – very friendly guy though!), which explains the meat-centric menu. He was telling us that he always feel sad when female customers can’t finish all the food on their plates(what a waste!) so he was glad that we finished everything. ^^;;;

Only opens for lunch on Saturday; lunch menu is basically the same as dinner menu but only slightly smaller in portions(not small at all). The cheaper lunch course is 2940yen consisting of one appetizer instead of two, but the portion for each dish is a bit bigger. The restaurant is about 10mins walk from Roppongi station. It was just us, and another table of two on the Saturday we went, which got me a bit worried at first. Turned out the food was good!

Aux Gourmands
Add: 3-4-14 Azabudai, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5114-0195

4 thoughts on “Aux Gourmands (オー・グルマン)

  1. omg the ibaraki pork looks so nice!!
    i personally like ibaraki a lot, probably the best place in japan to me ><
    there really should be more nice japanese restaurants in australia *rolling on the floor crying*

  2. Hi Yuu, I am sure you get very good pork(or other kinds of meat) in Australia too(being near NZ…)? ^^;;; I once had very good tempura in Canada…

  3. That’s awesome, former boxer turn gourmet chef! In my experience pork is always a bet when order in western cooking…but that looked very tender. Blue cheese risotto sounds like the heaviest thing ever..^^;;

  4. Foie gras + blue cheese risotto is really the heaviest appetizer. ^^;;; But when I go out to eat, I don’t want to order salad or veggy soup or healthy stuff like that cos I can eat them at home(and I do!). When I am out, I always go for the heaviest thing. ^^;;;

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