Jean-Paul Hévin (ジャン・ポール・エヴァン)

Bergamot orange chocolate mousse and orange bavarois. House blend tea.

0801260089グアヤキル、¥556。 タルト・オ・ショコラ、¥472。
Guayaquil(bitter chocolate cake). Tarte aux chocolat(bitter chocolate tart).
This branch is inside Tokyo Midtown which was very busy on a Saturday and we waited for more than half an hour for the seats.
Menu here.


0802160038ショコラ フランボワーズ、¥630。
ロンシャン ショコラ ノワール(軽いメレンゲとショコラムースをアーモンド入り ビターチョコレートでコーティング)、¥630。
Chocolat framboise – Chocolate cake with raspberry.
Longchamps Chocolat Noir – Light meringue and chocolate mousse cake with almond and bitter chocolate coating.

This branch is inside Isetan Shinjuku. About 20 mins of queuing for seats on a Saturday.

I like all the cakes except Guayaquil and Tarte aux chocolat which I wish had richer chocolate taste. The Earl Grey tea costs 945yen a pot but it is very diluted, and the house blend tea tasted weird… Was planning to buy the marron confit to take home but the queue for take-out(separate queue for take-out and eat-in) is very long so I just tried one piece inside the cafe.
Menu: 1, 2.

I also bought Seigle auvergnat (orange) from Be and it is absolutely delicious! It has stores in Midtown and Isetan Shinjuku, both are on the same floor as Jean-Paul Hévin.

Maccha mousse and Yuzu cream.

3 thoughts on “Jean-Paul Hévin (ジャン・ポール・エヴァン)

  1. Hey I remember this chocolatier in Paris, though I only brought chocolates there…there weren’t sit-in space for cakes. The tea is jus insanely expensive. The cakes looks so fine and almost toy-like perfect.

  2. Yeah the one in Paris doesn’t have sit in area, if want to try the cake have to do take out. THe cake looks really good though! I think Jean Paul hevin just open in HK too, right?

  3. So there were cakes in the chocolatier in Paris? I used to think the cakes are created and made by Japanese staff. The sit-in area in both locations are really tiny and not someplace to relax. Yeah I saw in some blog(the same blog you saw? ^^;;) that JPH opened in HK! So there is no need to go to JPH in Japan anymore – can save my calorie quota/money for other cake shops!

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