macchinesti coffee (マキネスティ コーヒー)

Corn soup with bread.
Cafe Latte.

0801270121Egg Benedict. I have been wanting to try the Egg Benedict in this place for so long but somehow never got around to it. The quality doesn’t disappoint at all! The best I have eaten so far(not that I’ve tried that many).

There are two branches of this coffee shop in the same area. Only this branch in Azabu-Juban does Egg Benedict, which is only available on weekends and it runs out quickly. We went at around 12 on a Sunday and the place was quite packed but we managed to get seats. When we lined up in front of the counter to get our food, my friend ordered hers first, and when my turn came, the staff told me they had run out of Egg Benedict! My other friend bebind me and I were so devastated – we came especially for it. For about 5 mins not knowing whether to order something else or go someplace else, I tried begging the staff saying that we came a long way just to eat the Egg Benedict here. Then the male staff said that if we could wait for 30mins then he will make them for us. Of course we wait!! So I ordered the corn soup cos I was so hungry, though it took them almost half an hour to prepare the corn soup anyway….The food was so good that it was worth the effort but gosh why is it so difficult to get a bloody Egg Benedict in Japan?! ^^;;;

macchinesti coffee Azabu Juban (マキネスティ コーヒー)
Add: 2-23-12 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5562-6118

4 thoughts on “macchinesti coffee (マキネスティ コーヒー)

  1. umm i work part-time in a cafe now but havent learnt to make latte with this good presentation. ><

    things become more valuable when they are limited n run out quickly dont they ^^

  2. Egg Benedict is supposed to be some relaxing Sunday brunch kinda thing but it turned out to be a little stressful…^^;;

  3. So much drama for a common Egg Benedict~~ ^^;;; But it looks good, even running out of it they can wipe up 2 different kinds. The coffee looks so pretty.

  4. Egg benedict is just such a rare thing here. Well I have had this good one and I am happy now. Should save my effort/money for other food which is more Japanese. ^^;;

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