Chez Inno (シェ・イノ)

Ris de veau(veal sweetbreads). Also a slice of foie gras and duck meat.
Veal in madere sauce. Satoimo(taro) and spinach quiche on the side.

0801280009One of those famous French restaurants that to my surprise, even my friends who aren’t into French have heard about. Lunch course ranges from the basic(soup+main+dessert) 3780yen to some luxurious line-up of over 20,000yen. I had the 4830yen course(+10% service charge) which consists of an appetizer(choose from 3 choices), a main(fish or meat), your choice of desserts from the wagon, and coffee. Glass wine is about 1300yen. The food are very all good, especially the Madere sauce which really lives up to this restaurant’s reputation for its classic French sauce. The interior is very grand with high-ceiling and tall windows. The service however is a little awkward….but not unfriendly at all.

Chez Inno
Add: 2-4-16 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3274-2020

2 thoughts on “Chez Inno (シェ・イノ)

  1. Hey we’re back Europe~~ (tired…jet lag). I’ll sort out my photos later. The food at Prague was surprisingly good and so much good soup/coffee/cakes at Vienna! 😀

    I thought Japanese restaurant don’t charge tips. The food indeed look classic French, and big portion! Yum!!! (though I’m craving Asian food now ^^;;)

  2. They don’t charge tips, but there is usually a 10% service charge in addition to the 5% tax at expensive restaurants.

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