Restaurant Latin (レストラン ラタン)

A French restaurant inside Gakushi Kaikan(学士会館).
First lunch visit. Appetizer: Salmon marinade salad. Main: Simmered lamb.
With dessert and coffee, 1500yen.

0806030046サーモン腹身の燻製サラダ バルサミコ風味。仔羊の香草パン粉焼き。
Second lunch visit. Appetizer: Smoked salmon salad with Balsamic sauce. The salmon belly is hot and very fatty. Main: Grilled Baby lamb chop(very tender) with herb and breadcrumbs. Unfortunately both dishes are a bit too salty.

By coincidence the lunch menu was salmon and lamb for both times(one whole year apart) I visited this old-fashioned style French restaurant. Customers were mostly old ladies and old gentlemen. Service is formal and extremely attentive.
Lunch menu(J) here.

Restaurant Latin
Add: 3-28 Nishiki-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3292-0881

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Latin (レストラン ラタン)

  1. We just got back from a 4 days family trip at Yosemite~

    So this entry had been more than a year in making? ^^;; The price is considerably low (youshoku price) for the posh and claasic looking interior. The chef hat is adorable…almost humanize the lamb. Simmer is probably more healthy and guarantee more ‘tender’ but I’d always prefer the roasted or grilled.

  2. Wow you are travelling a lot lately!

    Almost all the “summary” entries of multiple visits are over the span of one year…^^;;; You know while I was sorting through the old entries, I realised I have been eating too much roasted/grilled lamb chops! I really should order something different next time. You can eat lamb chops in many other cuisines – don’t have to eat it in French restaurants~~^^;;

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