The Seven’s House (セブンスハウス)

An Irish pub inside Gakushi Kaikan(学士会館) which serves yoshoku at lunch time.
Beef fillet rice bowl. Very good! The braised beef is lean and non-greasy yet very soft. The sauce(probably the juice from the beef?) is tasty to eat with the rice. Comes with pickles, and very nice clam miso soup and coffee.
Boiled shirasu and mentaiko rice bowl. Eaten with ponzu and raw egg. Simple but good.
Fried oyster – seasonal menu.
Curry rice – the old fashioned Japanese kind which is thick, sweet(from melted vegetables) and not a bit spicy.
Hamburger is just okay. Meuniere of Matoudai. The fish is a bit dry and salty, and soaked in too much butter.
Both are Hayashi rice. For some reason the weekday version(left) has more ingredients than the holiday version(right)…

Fried prawn and potato croquette lunch is very good! Quite huge portion too. Pasta lunch is just ordinary tomato sauce with clams.

Very busy with salarymen and OLs during lunch hours. Drink is included in the price. The service is good and I like the comfortable window seats a lot, except for the one time I sat next to a chain-smoker…
Lunch menu(J) here.

The Seven’s House
Add: 3-28 Nishiki-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3292-0881

4 thoughts on “The Seven’s House (セブンスハウス)

  1. The interior looked a bit classic and coffeehouse-like to be Irish pub (maybe it’s just my stereotype ^^;;) The Beef fillet rice bowl looked good~ The demi-glaze sauce on Hamburg steak looked a bit light (so is the curry).

  2. I didn’t know it was an Irish pub until I looked at its homepage when I finally uploaded the entry…^^;; The ambience is kinda nostalgic and relaxing and the staff are so friendly that I kept going back(being lazy to find new lunch places is also a factor…).

  3. That’s so nice, I wish I can find that lunch spot that I feel comfortable going back again and again…I can’t remember when’s the last time I found a place like that (either closes or I don’t work close enough anymore). Living in Koreatown is hard for me to find some casual neighborhood eating that I could drop by, because it’s 80% BBQ restaurant, 10% Soft Tofu (too spicy to intake for everyday), then 10% Noodle/fast food type that’s not much choices. It’s expensive too (they adjust their average price according to how much it’d cost in Seoul, which is even more than Japan…a bowl of noodle usually cost around $8+, an order of BBQ per person is $15-20).

  4. Huh? Seoul is more expensive than Japan? Seriously?!
    You know food is getting expensive and my workday lunch used to be less than 1000yen normally but nowadays it is like 100-200yen more, quite a lot considering it is everyday.

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