Bon Chemin (ボンシュマン)

Delicious and hot homemade bread which kept coming. Must have had about four…
Chilled carrot potage.
Panfried fresh foie gras and foie gras terrine. A slice of toast at the bottom and homemade fig jam on the side. The terrine is soooooo good, even better than the fresh foie gras.
Baby lamb in Anchovy cream sauce. The lamb is very tender and soft. Surprisingly huge portion for a cute restaurant like this. Moussaka(lamb and aubergine) on the side is also good.

0804070052My friend’s pork cassoulet.
Matcha rollcake with black beans in black honey cream sauce. Just a piece of rollcake for dessert was a bit disappointing at first but it was very smooth and delicious so I was satisfied at the end.

Lunch course is 3000yen but the foie gras appetizer has a 1500yen additional charge. Glass wine is about 800yen. Cheaper 1800yen lunch course is also available. I like the food, the interior which makes you feel very at home and the friendly service here.

It is located halfway between Gakugeidaigaku(学芸大学) and Yuutenji(祐天寺). There is a very cute cake shop called Patisserie SOURIRE in the same block and is a must check.

Bon Chemin
Add: 2-40-5 Gohongi, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3791-3900

8 thoughts on “Bon Chemin (ボンシュマン)

  1. Gosh this entry looks me want to bite the screen. It reminds me how I had so much more fun and satisfying eating in Bistro than restaurant at Paris. The foie Gras dish is so generous, giving you both ways (and I’m surprised the terrain won!) The lamb looked almost like certain photos i had from Prague. Funny how Japanese the dessert turns out.

  2. The foie gras has a 1500yen additional charge…I would be really mad if they went stingy with the portion!

    Maybe because bistro food usually have more grease and salt, both of which make the food taste better? ^^;;; Also, no matter how amazing the food is, if the portion is too small you will feel deprived… bistros usually give you more food!

  3. the foie gras and the lamb look so delicious and big portion, it’s a bad idea that i read your blog at nite right before sleeping, my stomach feels like to work a bit now..

  4. Cara>
    Do you remember the very nice crepe/galette shop we went together called Pothot? This restaurant is in the same area!

    You know in Japan, TV shows about food are running like 24 hours a day and those late night gourmet shows always make my stomach growl – more effective than blogs cos you see people eating the food!

  5. Mine too, I have so many “roasted lamb” in my entries. Can’t help it, whenever I see lamb on the menu at French places that’d be the one I want.

  6. You know the essence of French food is the “sauce”, but roasted lamb usually doesn’t have a specially-made sauce to go with so it seems to be a waste to order it in a French restaurant. ^^;;;

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