Ristorante La Barrique Tokyo (リストランテ ラ・バリック トウキョウ)

Lunch was too good(see tag) so we decided to come back for dinner. This time we let the restaurant decide the menu and the wine for us with a budget of 20,000yen per person. Money well spent! The quality surpassed all our expectations. First amuse is the same as last time. The second is a cold amuse with prawn, saltwort(veggy underneath) and ricotta cheese.
We were a group of 8 and I am not sure if it was difficult for the kitchen to have everyone served the same thing at the same time, or maybe they just wanted to let us try more things, each course came in two varieties and we just shared in pairs.
Cold appetizer 1: Tomato soup. There is mozzarella cheese, tomato sorbet, tomato jelly, crab meat and dried tomato in it.
Cold appetizer 2: Hon-maguro(tuna) tataki salad.
Warm appetizer 1: Foie gras and fig tart in Marsala sauce.
Warm appetizer 2: Abalone saute.
Ayu pasta. Ikasumi(squid ink) pasta.
Main 1: Baby goat from Hokkaido.
Main 2: Igor pork. Not sure about the name. Similar to Iberico pork apparently but I haven’t had Iberico pork tasting this good.
Chocolate. Passion fruit.
The Italian wine chosen by the sommelier was amazing, especially the white wine in the picture. We had sparkling wine, white wine, red wine(two different kinds of red? Too drunk by the end to remember….). This time we sat in the main dining room with very romantic Japanese-style decor. A truly wonderful experience! My crappy writing can’t possibly convey how great this restaurant is!

btw, I thought it would be hard for my friends who were visiting this place for the first time to locate the entrance in the dark but the tiny sign was lit at night so it was in fact easier to spot.

More pics from my friend’s review here(J).

Ristorante La Barrique Tokyo (リストランテ ラ・バリック トウキョウ)
Add: 2-12-2 Suido, Bunkyo-ku
Tel: 03-3943-4928

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  1. hey seat! today i am here to say thanks (not commenting on the food pics as i usually do huh ^^b)

    it`s ur blog from where

  2. you’re on a roll for refine Italian food~ (Italian eat foie gras too?) The baby goat’s color is so ‘light’…unexpected.
    The ‘chocolate’ dessert looks a lot more complex than just being ‘chocolate”…^^;;

  3. Haha, there was no written menu and I just can’t remember the explanation of each dish…especially towards the end. ^^;;; The black bits in the passion fruit dessert are not seeds but chocolate chips!

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