New York Grill (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

Came back for the holiday lunch buffet(see tag for the last visit). Appetizers are great as ever.
オーストラリア産牛リブアイのグリル 根セロリのレムラード 牛テールのソース。
岩手産豚ロースのグリル クラッシュポテトとキャベツ マスタードソース。
Main courses are chosen from the menu and are served when you are done with appetizers. I had the Grilled Australian Rib eye beef in ox-tail sauce, with celery root in remoulade sauce on the side. My friend had Grilled pork loin, mashed potato and cabbage in mustard sauce. While the main dishes aren’t as good as the appetizers, they are fairly decent.

0805240050Desserts from the buffet. A glass of champagne is also included.
New York Grill

6 thoughts on “New York Grill (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

  1. ワタシは前回ほどの感動が少なかった・・です。

  2. メインは普通だよね。FKもNYGもメインが美味しい!と思ったことないもん。

  3. Your buffet plates are always too neat to be plated by yourself (you have a lot of self control ^^;;) Do you plan to try their lunch or dinner?

  4. Hey hey, that is a lot of food on one plate and I had two! No way I had self control. ^^;;; I’m not so interested in their normal menu…I’d rather go for French/Italian if it is not a buffet.

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